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If you're like us, you can't wait to get out onto the court! So why should we let a little thing like snow ruin our pickled ritual? Check out our top 10 tips to snow proof your pickleball court today!

#1. Court TLC

Ensure your court is winter-ready by inspecting and repairing any damage promptly (preferably before winter officially hits). Reach out to Pickled Court to winterize your court no later than October. We'll get an expert out there to make any last minute maintenance needs.

#2. Clear the Snow

Don't let snow hinder your play. Safely clear your court with snow removal tools, avoiding harmful chemicals that could damage the surface.

Snow removal tools include:

  1. Snow Broom: Use a soft-bristled snow broom with gentle bristles to sweep away light snow without causing scratches or abrasions.

  2. Snow Blower: Opt for a snow blower with adjustable height settings to avoid direct contact with the court surface. Keep the blower at a safe distance to prevent any potential damage.

  3. Electric Heated Snow Melting Mats: Lay down electric heated mats designed for snow melting. These are efficient and prevent the need for manual snow removal.

  4. Snow Melt Products: If using ice melt products, choose those specifically labeled as safe for sports surfaces. Avoid products containing chemicals that could harm the court.

  5. Heated Court: Elevate your pickleball experience with a touch of luxury! Collaborate with Pickled Court to incorporate cutting-edge heating coils into your court's concrete foundation. While it comes at a premium, the indulgence of a heated court promises unparalleled comfort and is an investment that pays off in the long run!

#3. Gear Sanctuary

Protect your paddles, balls, and equipment from the winter chill. Store them in a dry, climate-controlled space to maintain their condition.

#4. Bundle Up

Dress for the occasion with layered clothing and moisture-wicking base layers. Keep warm with insulating jackets, and don't forget those essential gloves.

#5. Illuminate the Night

Short winter days call for excellent lighting. Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights for visibility and safety during evening play. Pickled Court has you covered with our partnership with Dominator. Reach out to us for special pricing.

#6. Flexible Playtimes

Adapt your schedule to unpredictable winter weather. Play during the warmer parts of the day, ensuring a more enjoyable experience.

#7. All-Weather Comfort

Enhance your court with all-weather accessories like windscreens, portable heaters, and warming stations for year-round comfort. Want some tips about the best windscreens and other equipment? Give us a call.

#8. Hydration Matters

Combat the cold by staying hydrated. Keep water handy during play to maintain peak performance and reduce injury risks.

#9. Adjust Your Game

Winter conditions may alter your game dynamics. Practice and adapt to the cold court, considering changes in ball bounce and shot trajectory.

#10. Embrace the Chill

Celebrate the unique experience of winter play. With proper preparation, enjoy the magical atmosphere, creating lasting memories with family and friends on your Pickled Court.

Trust Pickled Court Maintenance

For top-notch maintenance or court transformations, rely on Pickled Court to keep your court maintained during the winter. Contact us today for a free estimate and ensure your court is ready for winter play.

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